Watch the County Supervisors Snub the Taxpayers. See the OCTA's newest video Here. See the OCTA's Comp Board video Here.

Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose

We, the OCTA, believe government exists to provide basic services at a reasonable cost to the residents of the community. We believe that government should be accountable to the tax payer for the level of service provided, the way it provides these services and for the cost of these services. The OCTA will assist both the taxpayer and the government entity to first: identify problems, second come up with solutions for problems, and finally, will provide a flow of information to and from the taxpayer to ensure these solutions are pursued and the accountability maintained.

City of Rock Rapids Contract, Sibley Contract With Osceola Public Safety and Supervisor Jones' Comparison Table

See the documents referenced in our recent Facebook video as attachments below.

See the highlighted portions on the Rock Rapids contract, page 2.
See the highlighted portions of the Sibley contract, page 2.

First A Sordid Lawfirm Gets $100,000 Of Our Tax Money, Now They Appear Incompetent!

Dorsey & Whitney is their name. The first page of this new agreement which the Supervisors are to act on tomorrow had two fundamental (highlighted) errors on them. We stopped reading after this. This is the second time this has happened in the last month. See the attachment. It is time to replace Dorsey & Whitney.

New Osceola County Supervisor Conflict of Interest Policy

We need to commend our new Supervisors who took the leadership in getting this new Conflict of Interest Policy adopted. See it attached below.

1988 Osceola County Economic Development Commission Charter

See original charter for OEDC attached below.

The County Agrees To Pay CFE $2,000,000! But CFE's Rob Jacobs Said They Didn't Need Any Money!

See documents below to be reviewed at the Osceola County Supervisor's public hearing tomorrow morning.

Our critical highlights and comments can be found on the first four pages of both of these documents. The critical one tying this to Co-Bank, is found on page 4 of the Development Agreement.

Co-Bank's Troubling Press Statement?

See Co-Bank's troubling August 28, 2017 press statement on their efforts to shore up their capital. Check the highlighted items on page 2 especially.

Applicants for Osceola County Attorney Narrowed Down to These Three Attorneys

See attached applications below. For professional courtesy we blocked out the past salaries for two of the applicants. Applicant Scott Johnson failed to disclose his past salaries. The salaries appeared to demonstrate the glut of law school graduates across the land and that we'd be offering a significant pay raise for the two who filled out the entire application.

Iowa Court of Appeals Rules On Harris Farmer Lawsuit

Looks like the case to determine the merits of the county resolution creating the Harris Urban Renewal District has been turned back by the State Court of Appeals to a local District Court. See the court's ruling filed today at our link below. Our understanding is that if the county resolution creating this Harris URD is found to be unlawful the entire thing would collapse. But that will be in the hands of the district court, if the farmers decide to take it there. ~Rochelle Buchman

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